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Building projects from inception

Bringing commercial and strategic talent to asset owners, financiers and technology developers......
Strategic insight


Built on a significant amount of corporate strategic experience and extensive personal networks, Aum Energy focuses its attentions on market segments where there are significant potential gains to be accrued in reducing carbon emissions. Each project has to satisfy criteria of scalability, impact and the ability to generate a sustainable competitive advantage

Due diligence and appraisal


Both for our own projects as well as third-party propositions, Aum Energy can readily assess the commercial feasibility of new ventures. From conducting financial appraisals to detailed market reviews to project plans, Aum Energy can independently support companies faced with ideas and opportunities, but who require professional guidance to assist in decision-making

Project development


A cornerstone of the work that Aum Energy seeks to undertake is to become part of the fabric of selected projects in the energy space which require experienced and motivated professionals to take ideas through to the delivery and commissioning stage


For companies who want to move at pace and who are prepared to work with Aum Energy on an upside-sharing basis, we can be the ideal partner for delivery across Asia within the sustainability and energy transition segment