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Aum Energy's work since 2010 has covered a wide variety of technologies, sectors and roles, with an increasing focus on low-carbon solutions. We are as comfortable in providing strategic advice to CEOs as we are in discussing offtake agreements with farmers or assessing the value of a new crude oil stream. The following represent our current focus. For the time being, long-duration batteries investments have been frozen pending clarity on the viability and competitive advantage of emerging technologies

Aum Energy has been a co-sponsor of work in the coal-to-gas field since 2013. Based on proven scientific research in the USA, highly specialised microbial strains have the potential to create a step-change in the value of coal reserves and to rejuvenate CBM projects through the highly productive generation of methane-rich gas in real time. By adding anaerobic microbes and nutrients into a water loop that circulates from the seam to the surface, the microbes consume the carbon in the coal and, as a consortium, produce short-chain fatty acids (such as acetic acid) first and then bio-methane which is produced in a surface bioreactor. The technology has completed an extended lab pilot and is now moving to new lab facilities as we seek further financing and to establish a larger team. This is the single largest decarbonisation technology in the global market today, destined to change the paradigm from which many countries generate energy from the carbon within coal

Gas-to-Liquids (GTL):

Aum Energy has been working in the area of gas-to-methanol and DME since 2014. The use of methanol as a pathway to monetise natural gas and to produce clean fuels is under-played in the market today.


Aum Energy believes that methanol holds strong potential to economically convert small-gas fields into a valuable product in situations where LNG, powergen and pipelines are not viable - typically between 25 and 100 mmscf/day. Aum Energy's technology package can work on offshore fields given the design of the reformer package as well as the production of crude methanol, thereby displacing the need for an offshore distillation column.


Separately, Aum Energy has been working with the market-leading Unitel Technologies (Chicago) in market development for DME, an emissions-free replacement for diesel as well as a common blending component for LPG.

Precision farming:

Extending the work done in the energy sector, Aum Energy is increasingly aware that the forecast impact of climate change and population growth includes greater stress on food supply security. By bringing established technology from Europe into Asia, Aum Energy seeks to be part of the community of developers that are focused on the sustainable farming of targeted produce, close to the consumer and with a minimal GHG footprint.

High-margin, high yielding semi-closed greenhouses from Europe have been deployed globally, but not in SE Asia and this represents a material opportunity to raise the efficiency of existing supply chains through a 6-8x increase in yields/hectare, coupled with minimal water and pesticide usage. Aum Energy's focus is on farming within Malaysia and in developing the Straits Farms brand for fresh vegetables

Midstream and downstream oil:

Aum Energy's associates have a strong heritage in oil refining, trading and supply and have worked extensively in Europe an Asia over the past twenty-five years. In recent years, Aum Energy has worked on a variety of terminal development and investment projects; upstream due diligence; a greenfield refinery strategy and business plan; bunkering market development in India and Malaysia; heavy oil partial upgrading technology for Canada; oily waste residue processing for the shipping industry; WAF crude marketing; oil product sourcing and mini-refining in Africa.

Aum Energy seeks out opportunistic development projects that increase supply chain efficiency and enable other low carbon activity

Uravu Labs:

Uravu Labs (www.uravulabs.com) is an early stage India-based technology company focused on drawing water-from-air in service of providing clean and reliable supplies of water to both water-stressed markets and to situations where either water quality or supply reliability is a challenge. Aum Energy has been supporting Uravu since early 2018 and endorses its quest to provide water at a price that competes with supplies from plastic bottles. As Uravu moves further through its product demonstration phase, Aum Energy will support it on strategy, financing and market connectivity beyond India.

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