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What we do....

Aum Energy is a Singapore-based investment vehicle dedicated to developing projects and commercialising technologies in service of sustainability and reducing carbon emissions

Sustainability and hardware:

Aum Energy's focus is to drive the development and adoption of technology in service of reducing carbon emissions. Through a flexible operating model, we operate in partnerships and with a network of longstanding associates from the oil and gas, power and agriculture industries in order to select, develop and commission projects that improve the current GHG profile of industries.
Aum Energy believes that tackling climate change requires a focus on both 'cleaning up' the mainstream fossil fuels industries as well as seeding new technologies in other market segments that operate without capital and awareness of available solutions.

The transition to a low carbon economy requires a host of solutions that tackle the full gamut of the energy supply chain. Aum Energy believes that there is a significant opportunity and requirement for patient capital to be coupled with industry professionals to bring about the necessary changes to how we live and consume both energy for living and energy for production.
We seek to be at the forefront of this transition and to create a material legacy in the solutions that we provide as well as the manner in which we interface with the broader energy transition community to maximise the value of our collective efforts. This is a critical journey that requires co-operation and dedication.
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